Child makes handcrafted ornaments with mom, and the names roll off the tongue

If there was ever a time that TikTok would make a story it was when, last year, a video of a mother being held hostage by her son, manically danced while scratching up words and phrases that came out with variations of the name “🎅🏻”. It is a video that has stayed with us all since.

The video made international headlines and the mother’s reaction, to of course a moving, intergenerational video of a mother teaching her son how to make Christmas ornaments, shows exactly why it resonated with us all.

This year, in time for the joyous holiday season, the new video is just as genuine, but is better.

A baby girl, only a few months old, helps her mother make handcrafted ornaments. They become an ever growing merry-making collection, filled with the names of all of her friends and family. The baby, whose nickname is Briyana, adds her own touches to the ornaments.

They put them up in the family tree.

The ornaments are vibrant, bright.

The first set of ornaments were just little blocks that she made with a phone case.

But they were home for the holiday!

We were not able to capture this video, but here is Briyana doing her thing in 2017.

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