Black Friday tech deals: 2021 in review

Black Friday tech deals have come and gone, but you can be sure the sales will continue to roll on in coming weeks. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of what the tech deals might look like this Black Friday in 2021, and nab some great deals while you’re at it.

We looked through early Black Friday tech deals in 2011 and 2012 and we tried to recreate what could be a similar experience in 2020. From what we see, there will be more immersive touchscreens to give you more control over what you watch and how you watch it. There will also be a lot more 4K TVs to choose from.

Another thing we see: Apple will likely unveil its fourth-generation iPhone at Apple’s annual WWDC event, which isn’t planned until the week of June 4, 2022. The iPad will receive an update as well, but it won’t likely have an overhaul, like the iPad Pro did in 2018.

The iPhone 11 will likely arrive around the middle of 2019. The updated iPhone won’t have the smart replacement capabilities of the iPhone X, but it could have several upgrades over the iPhone 8 Plus. We may not get it at the end of 2019, however, since Apple is notoriously slow when releasing new products.

Like the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 is also expected to feature Apple’s Face ID sensor and OLED display. Apple is also expected to increase the iPhone’s screen size to 5.8 inches. If it’s still a year away from release, Apple could show off its 8th-generation iPod touch in 2020.

The new iPod touch could use an OLED display like the iPhone X, but don’t expect it to feature some of the more advanced features like Portrait Mode. In addition, there may be an updated Face ID sensor and a dual-lens camera.

While the iPod is extremely popular, the iPod touch 4G is expected to remain discontinued. The company’s lineup of headphones, speakers and monitors will likely stay the same.

Smartwatches, however, may change dramatically. The Apple Watch 4 is expected to include at least one additional dimension: GPS. The Apple Watch won’t technically have “world-class sensors,” as the analyst and ESPN anchor Jim Ross calls them, as the S3 from the Apple Watch Series 3 currently does. However, the Series 3 has built-in GPS, so the Series 4 would likely have GPS.

There will likely be one more model. Currently, we have the Apple Watch Series 2 in silver, space gray and rose gold, and a gold version of the Series 4 will most likely follow.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the company’s answer to the Apple Watch, is expected to receive an update in the same year it’s expected to get an upgrade in its main form factor: Smartphones.

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