Kanye West…All That & More in Fox News Radio’s Grammy Nominations Liveblog!

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Kanye West was also added to the line-up of those who will receive lifetime Grammy Awards for the biggest music award of the year.

Fox News Radio’s Nicole Durbin has the details below.

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At last minute, there are some major announcements for 2019 Grammy nominations. This one has Kanye West — one of the most influential artists of the year — in the midst of a several week-long recording moratorium… Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and however many cell phone videos are out there that show him and Taylor’s music working together recently. Both have been hit with NDA agreements that are both currently in the works and are under control of the Recording Academy. This morning, Kanye West’s most recent Tweet saying he didn’t want to be on Spotify saw its total number of subscribers drop by a mind boggling 10 million which was always the case. But then, Kanye was announced as a Grammy lifetime award winner. His new album being dropped at the very last minute, and Kanye saying he didn’t want to be on Spotify for no reason. In 2017, Kanye became the first artist in history to sell over 10 million albums in a year when he did it with “Yeezus” back in 2013. Now, whether that’s just good marketing for his album and/or for the Grammys to put Kanye in the spotlight in what has been a very tumultuous year for the artist is anyone’s guess.

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