Ukraine plans $375 million defense boost amid increasing tensions with Russia

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Ukraine is rushing to upgrade its navy as a deterrent amid rising tensions with Moscow.

It has announced $375 million in defense funding over the next two years. This includes modernizing Ukraine’s huge missile ships and establishing a fleet of combat frigates.

The military also plans to double the number of ships in its admiral corps.

The plan was announced during Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrations on August 11 in Kiev.

Russia has been busy beefing up its military in the post-Soviet era, particularly on the country’s western borders. It reportedly annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014, although Kiev claims the country remains an independent nation.

The Ukrainian navy, meanwhile, is the oldest in Europe and one of the smallest in the world.

The country currently has a total of 23 naval vessels, including 18 frigates, two tanker ships and one carrier, the Antonov Ordozhkin.

Even before the upgrades are made, the Navy will be able to provide a comprehensive defense of its coastline, according to the new plan.

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