Clare family at the centre of national ADHD initiative

A family in County Clare has become the first to qualify for a Leaning Sign Post programme designed to help people with new and challenging personalities.

Councillor Suene Delaney had been looking for a way to help Regan, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), join the village centre fete in Orne, where his brother Jake participates.

He chose up to four rules to follow for over the course of the event.

All in all, his discipline was rewarded with a Leaning Sign Post badge.

Ms Delaney said: “I got on to Leaning Sign Post, they said a maximum of 30 people would attend the fete on that day but in the end it was 300 people.

“It was amazing to see where Regan’s friendship clicked with everyone else in the village because it went from kids to all the people here. He had his turn to be crowned Leaning Sign Post King.”

The sign post is at Ardalagh Estates in Annacken, which was singled out as the centre of achievement by the project’s consultants.

The project calls itself “Leaning Sign Post that Feels Like Home”.

The “Leaning Sign Post that Feels Like Home” mantra is the phrase which defines the work by Alex’s Ideas to Help the Unselfishly Inspired, which aims to inspire, inspire, inspire.

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