Actor Dolph Lundgren says he was ‘cursed’ in a Rocky IV stunt mishap that left him in a coma for five days

Actor Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago in the 1980 film Rocky IV, faced injuries of his own in an accident that left him in a coma for five days back in 2002. Lundgren recalled to Extra that the actor, who played Russian fighter Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, was “bleeding out of his face and nothing is moving” when he showed up on the set with severe injuries. “I remember just lay there and holding him and praying that he made it,” Lundgren told Extra. “I didn’t know if he was going to be able to have any life. It was scary.”

Lundgren, who said he was hesitant to call himself an “accident survivor,” told Extra that he was relieved when Stallone himself confirmed that he would make a full recovery. “I’m glad he made it, but he would’ve been more relieved if he had died. I know that,” Lundgren said.

Doctors had initially tried to save him on the set. “They pulled a vein from his arm and got it flowing, so there was some hope,” Lundgren said. “But the reality is he was gone.” His doctor felt as though his existence would not be worth pursuing, and decided to carry out a medical procedure. Lundgren, however, was determined to make a full recovery. “At the time I thought he should have been taken away to a place where he wouldn’t make it. But looking back, I’m so glad that he did,” he said.

There are no words to describe how lucky I feel right now. 🙏🏻 love you to the moon and back, see you in…… —

Dolph Lundgren (@DolphLundgren) March 17, 2020

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