Macro CFO: Things are getting better, but they’re still not great

Nobody knows how big the deregulation changes in the Works will be, but there’s one industry that I do think will benefit. We’ve had a lot of focus on Wall Street, because it does tend to be more important than other industries. And, I think the regulatory changes, I think they are not going to affect the businesses in the retail side at all. And if there is a business that has a lot of lumber come in, which was most of American retail, it’s going to be impacted more by tariffs going out. Now that we have tariffs being put in place, this is a business like I said before, that depends on exports and imports. It’s not really going to affect the strong margins that we have seen and things like Geek Squad. The other one that it may impact, that is incredibly profitable is paper in any type of business. I mean, for the first time, you’re seeing rumors at Wall Street that the business that has $2.50 in profit right now is going to get negative. I think I was in the Times on Thursday and the fourth part of the section was in reference to printing business. Well, I think the fourth part was just about paper, and that’s if our economy starts to change and they said things were bad in the newspaper, you could imagine what was happening in the paper industry. That will have some impact on us.

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