William Hopson and Donna Jackson: the British couple who crashed her Thanksgiving dinner

William Hopson and Donna Jackson first met at a work event. For his birthday last year, he hired a yacht to take them on a holiday

A British guy crashed her Thanksgiving dinner. They’ve been married for 20 years

Meet the happy couple: William Hopson, 48, and Donna Jackson, 49. You know the rest of the story.

The way they met, in fact, is too good to spoil.

The British dad and mum-of-two met at a work event in Dubai. The following year they married, they started a family, and they’re still a rockin’ 20 years later.

Apparently the story couldn’t be any more perfect if it were on TV, and the Internet made it so.

On YouTube, there’s a play on the Christmas advert, saying that Jackson wanted to “put a bit of Christmas spice” in Hopson’s Christmas meal. She posted a photo of it, saying, “In advance of Thanksgiving! On a boat with my husband.” A hilarious spin on the classic BB-8 buy your mate a BB-8 YouTube ad.

In July, Donna posted a video on Facebook of herself and William ringing her brother-in-law, claiming that the dish she’d made for him had fallen out of the oven and ruined his turkey.

“If you look down at the left side of my tablecloth, that’s where you’ll find the (snaps, boos) turkey,” she says. “Have you tried to go downstairs?” she asks him.

“Mamma mia, if my turkey had four legs and an eye, it would be on my plate,” he says. She says he may have had some luck, that if he had asked his friend to buy him a turkey “I’d have said no”, and he’d be eating turkey now.

Joking about poor Cameron, Hopson even gives him “some tips for putting stuffing on turkeys”.

The couple love telling the story, so much so that they’re part of a family team – the Passchendaele Family Trust – behind The Pointer Family Orchestra, who play during the communal meal.

“My husband’s a good advert with the story,” Jackson told the news site, Wishes News. “People like it because he’s not an angel. He’s got a sense of humour. In the YouTube, he played up to it. He told the crowd, ‘Do we look happy?’ and they gave me a big cheer.”

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