Legal Counsel for Toronto City Tells Me Why They Want To Stop Vaccinating Kids

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In all of the dramas in the news lately, like the Amazon HQ2 fiasco, or the battle between Tom Price and Billy Bush, we need to take some time to talk about those people who are actually at fault.

On the show, lawyer for the city of Toronto, Ed Reines, Jr. was on to explain the City is now being accused of ending the lives of a large number of children because it doesn’t think they can get vaccinated because they have a letter from a doctor saying they can’t.

Toronto is currently in the midst of a campaign to get parents of kindergartners in public schools to provide proof of vaccinations.

Why is Toronto doing this?

Because the City believes children who can’t get vaccinated will present a potential risk to public health.

They want to reach out to all parents in the city before the next school year begins to remind them of their responsibility to get their children immunized.

Toronto’s efforts will see hundreds of city employees suspended without pay for not demonstrating their children are up to date with vaccinations.



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