Triple Murder Suspect Brings New Fear to Airline Industry

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An alleged killer on his way to trial has put several airlines on alert.

FOX’s Susan Shapiro reports from the outside of the U.S. in her special report “Your Money”:

This is Susan Shapiro, FOX News.

After recently agreeing to plead guilty, Hamilton Alexander-Johnson accidentally brought his body on a flight and by law he wasn’t allowed off. He was kicked off a plane in New York, landing in Los Angeles on Monday. Johnson is wanted in Oklahoma in the murder of brother, David Johnson. Authorities say Alexander-Johnson crashed an apparent car accident and took police at gunpoint. David Johnson was found dead two days later in Oklahoma City. The remains of his brother’s dead body were found in a dumpster.

Authorities say Alexander-Johnson fled to Los Angeles, and tried to fly to Oklahoma City on Delta Flight 246, but the flight crew contacted officials at LAX.

Johnson had been diagnosed with mental illness, and his mother has always worried about his emotional stability.

Alexander-Johnson was taken to county jail, awaiting transport to Oklahoma.

In Milwaukee, Susan Shapiro, FOX News.

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