Ukraine investigates ‘coup plot’ against president Poroshenko

Image copyright AFP Image caption A flash mob in Kiev has held a Nazi-style rally

The Ukrainian security service has alleged that a coup attempt is being prepared against the government of President Petro Poroshenko.

A statement issued by the Federal Security Service (FSB) also claimed that a “special military camp” is being built on the Black Sea coast of Odessa.

A spokesperson for the FSB said that 14 paramilitary squads – one of them allegedly belonging to Russia – would be used in the so-called coup.

Russia has denied the allegations.

‘Rita spreading powder’

In a statement the FSB said that “tens of thousands of mercenaries” who are affiliated to rebel armed groups in eastern Ukraine would form part of the “human shield” that will form part of the military-style, coup-plotting strategy.

On Friday it said rebels had already arrived in cities like Odessa and Mariupol – which has a large ethnic Russian population – to protect “a military camp being built by the Ukrainian authorities” on a Black Sea coastal area near Odessa.

Mr Poroshenko and FSB head Vasyl Hrytsak held a brief phone call on Sunday, when Mr Poroshenko alleged that Russia was organising a “rebellion”.

The Kremlin denied any involvement in the alleged coup.

“How can Russia be implicated in this operation? There is absolutely no truth in this and the falsity will surface soon,” it said in a statement.

Spokesman for the presidential administration, Volodymyr Alexeyenko, later told journalists that as the allegation was made in the framework of a military operation, “no proof and proof is needed” to show it.

Mr Alexeyenko told state television news channel Ukrainska Pravda that “we are seeing right now an explosion spreading like a powder in the eastern regions of Ukraine. In Kiev, even on the edges of the city, there is movement of special forces.”


Image copyright AFP Image caption The Ukrainian president accused Russia of destabilising Kiev

Mr Poroshenko’s allegation came a day after an explosion rocked central Kiev, killing one person and injuring several more.

The suspected terror attack took place in the centre of the capital, leaving a slab of what was believed to be concrete on the ground.

On Friday police said they were searching for three suspects in connection with the attack.

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