Chickpea, Bambina and Potato Bread and other uses

s..Susana MacAuley is a food scientist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California and is the author of The Chickpea Makes All the Difference: The Science of Who We Are and How It Affects our Nation.

The chickpea is a protein-rich food that can be enjoyed by humans and animals. It is believed to be a protein source of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. It could also be one of the greatest natural resources the world has. Chickpeas have a myriad of uses. One of the more promising uses for the chickpea is as an energy source. Chickpeas have been used in both medicinal and therapeutic applications, helping to stave off infections and diseases.


Here are the two basic components of the chickpea, together with some applications you can use it for:


Chickpea-rice crackers


From a scientific point of view, a chickpea can give you nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fibre in a natural and convenient form.

You can use the chickpea for even more in all these applications. The following are a few ideas about how to further use the chickpea for cooking and healing:

Chickpea brownie

Chickpea chicken soup

Chickpea starter salad

Chickpea popcorn

Chickpea, Bambina and Potato Bread

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