Help support New York City’s hunger-relief efforts with the 2019 Food Bank for New York City Poverty Series

In the midst of a vulnerable and record-breaking summer season, we’re pleased to announce the 2019 wave of the 9th Annual Food Bank for New York City Poverty Series. Your support allows us to continue our food bank mission, preserve our community’s food supply, and strengthen NYC’s low-income residents.

This year, we’ll spotlight the impact of daily living on NYC’s struggling food banks. Over the course of six weeks, we’ll look at the true cost of running food banks, the daily challenges of managing charity among neighbors, and the fact that a charity can never be truly free to those in need.

Some of our friends at SoHo Provisions and Scratch Kitchen wanted to give back. So that they could have the resources to open their doors as many chefs in NYC do every day, they knew that community was critical. This year’s Hunger Series will examine the need for culinary education, and talk about the diversity of food access, and how cutting-edge food programs and charitable supports can combine to create more inclusive communities and a more prosperous food system.

Over the course of the series, you’ll see food banks changing their approaches to support community—part of that includes the move to online donation networks, and using mobile money transfer technology. More digital funds have been channeled to community-based organizations.

But despite these tools, our need for donations remains vital. Even as most big food banks are in the black, many struggle to meet their needs. The U.S. Food Research and Action Center found that one in 10 people in NYC and one in three in New Jersey live in poverty. The food bank for NYC has seen over 8 percent growth in demand for their food for less assistance this year.

The eight-day series begins on July 4th with a special dinner that all proceeds benefit the New York City Food Bank for New York City. The aim is to raise awareness and support from our best chefs and restaurateurs. We’ll feature in-depth profiles of chefs, share their stories, explore food access in an increasingly digital world, and showcase their commitment to supporting the people whose health and well-being are impacted by hunger.

Please join us in celebrating and raising awareness during the Food Bank for New York City Poverty Series.

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