Ford and Hyundai Maritime team up for ‘Arrival Plan’

Ford Motor Company and Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. (HMMC) have partnered to supply Ford with an “Arrival Plan,” a master logistics program that looks to establish a working relationship between the two companies when it comes to how they distribute chips around the world. In turn, this will contribute to the sustained volume and continuity of end-to-end manufacturing for Ford parts.

“Ford and Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.’s agreement underscores a century-old interplay between the two companies. We’re already communicating with Hyundai’s global supplier base and their cooperation has been robust,” said Gordy Mittelstadt, Ford senior vice president of Global Supply Chain. “This broader alliance provides for a deeper, more comprehensive relationship that ensures the supply chain is part of our integrated Ford-Hyundai global supply platform.”

“When it comes to logistics, neither Hyundai nor Ford are pushing their commercial relationships with one another into the future alone,” added Rob Coate, HMMC senior vice president, Fleets and Logistics. “Together, they’re taking the lead to ensure that the volume and consistency of components are in place to secure long-term Ford parts volume.”

The companies anticipate the expansion of the program, which connects vendors to providers of final assembly and initial distribution, to reach the 2.2 million metric tons of annual volume.

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