Gunmen in ‘scary’ store raid in Minnesota

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Police say more than 20 suspects have fled the scene after breaking into a Minnesota electronics chain and looting.

Authorities are searching for the assailants, who are said to have committed a bank robbery, property theft and more after breaking into a Best Buy store in Richfield, Minnesota.

The group broke into the store by driving a car through the metal front security door of the business.

‘Search and rescue’

They fled in several vehicles, leaving the police to hunt them down.

Police say they have not yet recovered the stolen items, including laptops, tablets and video games.

“This is fairly disheartening for those of us in law enforcement, it’s disheartening for that community,” Richfield Police Chief Rick Edson told local media.

“We have officers involved in the search and rescue efforts, we have manpower, resources devoted to ensuring we apprehend all offenders involved.”

He said most of the suspects were men who ranged in age from 20 to 29, although the number of people in the first group of five could not be confirmed.

‘Terrifying experience’

Police said they arrived within minutes of the break-in and that no one was injured during the “terrifying experience”.

They described the suspects as heavily armed and wearing masks or scarves and dressed in black clothing, gloves and bandanas to conceal their faces.

The assailants are said to have stolen cars including a stolen GMC Envoy, a white Chrysler Jeep Wrangler and an Acura MDX.

Police say they are keeping an eye out for a white pickup truck “that may have some distinctive markings on the front”, according to local media.

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